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Inside St. Patrick’s, one of the first things you come to may or may not be a grave slab.
St. Patrick's well stone

These stones (apologies for fuzziness – I was quite tired) were found near the legendary site of the well where St. Patrick allegedly baptized people.

Stone excavated from St. Patrick's Well

The difficulty of photographing gleaming metal monuments is exemplified by the fact that I have this decent shot of the Celtic cross itself, but I cannot read the engraving below it in any of my shots.

Celtic Cross brass

Charles Inglis, Bishop of Nova Scotia and Doctor of Divinity, is honored inside the church with a metal plaque with an intricate Celtic cross in the center.

Charles Inglis, D. D., Bishop of Nova Scotia

By the time I left St. Patrick’s Cathedral to trek back to my hotel, it was too late to visit the churchyard. I photographed this Celtic cross through the bars against the swiftly darkening Irish sky.

St. Patrick's Cathedral churchyard

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