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Spire of St. Patrick's near sunset

St. Patrick's Cathedral

I’ve written about my whirlwind walking tour of Dublin before. The last place I was able to visit before darkness forced me back to my hotel was St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The sun is already setting in the photographs I am showing here.

Statue of St. Patrick

Carving on St. Patrick's Cathedral showing St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s is named, of course, for the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick’s has a more specific claim to the saint, however. In the park just outside the church, you can find this tiny marker.

St. Patrick's Well

It states “Near here is the reputed site of the well where St. Patrick baptised many of the local inhabitants in the Fifth Century A.D.”

Inside, there is not a crypt to visit, but the walls are positively lined with monuments to the well-heeled of Ireland. This one is for an Earl of Cork and his Countess.

Earl and Countess of Cork

William Worth, a Baron of the Exchequer, has a simpler but still fitting monument.

William Worth

Like in Christ Church, there are some medieval burials that are so worn by time as to be unidentifiable without some other sort of records.


Fulk de Sandeford, Archbishop of Dublin many years ago, has a better preserved tomb.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Robert Sutton has a funeral brass. Monumental brasses are a real challenge to photograph.

Funeral brass at St. Patrick's

I photographed so many memorials in St. Patrick’s that there will definitely be more posts about it.

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