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Christchurch Cathedral

One of the most magnificent places I visited in Dublin was Christ Church Cathedral, or the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. Founded in approximately 1030, the cathedral is the seat of the Anglican – Episcopalian Diocese of Dublin and Glendalough, Church of Ireland. (Despite the fact that the Republic of Ireland is estimated to be over 90% Roman Catholic, both of the cathedrals I visited in Dublin were Anglican.)


Like many European cathedrals, Christ Church has burials underneath the cathedral floor. Some of them are so old and worn by time that the art is difficult to make out.




Sometimes modern signs intrude on any attempt to lose oneself in the age of the cathedral and its monuments.
Thomas Prior

Here is a detail shot of the poem in Latin on Prior’s monument. I can pick out words, but not translate the whole thing.
Thomas Prior

Thomas Abbott, LLD

Thomas Fletcher

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