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What I find so interesting about these zinc monuments is their distribution. According to the research I have done on the company, they had salesmen all across the country who attempted to persuade people to order the monuments from the options in the catalog. Then they submitted the order and the monument was made in Connecticut and shipped. But I haven’t seen enough zinkers in one geographic area to think that a salesman could make a living. Did they have very large sales areas, or was it not really a full time job? Or was the Cleveland area salesman just not very good?

The Adams Street Cemetery in Berea has two zinkers still standing:
Hulet Monument

At Rest

I can only guess that this one not ordered immediately, as Lewis’ and his mother’s death dates do not match, but their information is cast right into the monument, not on a removeable panel.

Brown Monument

I didn’t recongize this for what it was at the time I took the photograph, but I did take a shot that shows the screws on the panel, so I am able to confirm it is another zinker.
Brown Monument detail

Brown Monument

Brown Monument

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