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Royal Dublin Fusiliers Arch

The <a href="“>Royal Dublin Fusiliers Arch in St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin, Ireland, is dedicated to the members of the regiment who died in the Second Boer War. The Dublin Fusiliers were an infantry regiment of the British Army created in Ireland (and stationed there when not deployed). From 1899 until 1902, the regiment was in South Africa in the 2nd Boer War campaign, including helping to break the Siege of Ladysmith (as seen on the monument). The unit served in World War I before being disbanded in 1922.

Memorials to the Irish who served in the British Army have been fraught with tension, particularly those who served in World War I. Some soldiers felt betrayed by the 1916 uprising, and some nationalists felt that the soldiers should have been hope fighting against the British rather then fighting under them in the War.

Royal Dublin Fusiliers Arch

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