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I admit it, cenotaphs are a particular fascination for me. Cemeteries are generally assumed to be a place for remains of some type. But occasionally the desire for a monument (usually with the rest of the family) means that someone will have a grave marker that does not denote their final resting place.

In the Britton plot in Roselawn Cemetery in Solon, Ohio,

the family has a marker for Ira J. Britton, a son whose body lies far away in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ira J. Britton

Thus far, the only scrap of information I have been able to find about Ira Britton is in the Cleveland Public Library’s Necrology File. According to the notes in the Necrology File (which is compiled from local cemetery records and newspaper death notices from before 1975), Britton was the only son of William and Rachel Britton of Solon, and he died in New Orleans on October 20, 1897.

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