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A partial explanation for the unusual names listed on the front of these two headstones can be found on the back of one.

Bonecutter (2)

It seems reasonable to conclude that Aubrey Bonecutter was known by the nickname of Boney. The origin of what I am assuming to be his wife’s nickname is not so easily surmised based on what I photographed that day.

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2nd Lt. Corlys Bedford was just shy of 24 years old when his plane was shot down over France in World War II. According to this page of transcriptions of obituaries for Strongsville Cemetery, he was not interred in Strongsville until almost five years later. It seems likely from the report posted here that Bedford was not able to be confirmed dead immediately.

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You don’t have to agree with me, but this blog is my soapbox, so STOP SLAPPING STICKERS ON TOMBSTONES! Ok, I feel better.

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Hirt (2)


Hirt (3)

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Redlein (2)

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Kenneth E. Williams

When I found this tombstone, I didn’t know what a liaison pilot was in World War II. Liaison pilots were mostly enlisted men who flew small, unarmed aircraft to support military operations. Think missions like supply runs, transporting officers or reconnaissance missions. It is sadly no surprise that SSgt. Williams lost his life doing this job.

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I love the name True on this tombstone.  It’s not a name you see very often.


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