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Henry Rogers Selden

Henry Rogers Selden was a lawyer, judge and politician, serving in such positions as Lieutenant Governor of New York. But the reason I photographed his grave marker is that Selden defended Susan B. Anthony in 1873. Anthony and a number of her fellow suffragists decided to test the constitutionality of denying women the right to vote, and Anthony presented her research and arguments to Selden. He found them compelling and told her that he thought she had a right to vote. She voted in the national election of 1872 and was arrested for illegal voting. Selden defended her during the case pro bono, and was extremely disappointed at her conviction.

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The epitaph on this stone is from the Te Deum, a hymn that remains in use in the modern Catholic church as well as some of the Protestant sects. It dates to approximately the 4th century.

Now I need all of you to be honest with me. How many of you clicked on the link because it sounds like a line from The Boondock Saints?

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Grace Fiske

Grace M. Fiske

Grace Maud Fiske was a second grade teacher at the Lakeview School in Collinwood, Ohio, when the famous fire occurred on March 4, 1908. Following her valiant attempts to save her charges, Fiske was pulled from the school, two children’s bodies still wrapped her skirts in an attempt to protect them, but she died at Glenville Hospital. The teacher was just 26 years old and lived at home with her parents on Orville Avenue in Cleveland.

Neil, Henry. Complete Story of the Collinwood School Disaster and How Such Horrors Can Be Prevented. Cleveland: The N.G. Hamilton Publishing Company.

Owen, Frederick A.”The Collinwood School Fire,” The Instructor, Vol. 17., May 1908.

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Estella Bushong

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Ashley at St. Bridget's Well

Ireland has three patron saints: Patrick, Columba, and Brigid (or Bridget). During my 2009 trip to Ireland, our tour guide took us on a brief detour to visit St. Bridget’s Well. Alongside a country road in front of a small cemetery, there is a little concrete, sod-covered cave leading to the well. Those who come to pray at the well leave items behind, creating a colorful, 3D collage.



Rosaries draped over statuettes at St. Bridget's Well

St. Bridget's Well

St. Bridget's Well

Rosaries, flowers and statue at St. Bridget's Well


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Gordon (2)

Gordon (1)

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Dennis Jon Walker’s tombstone is so dense with information about him that I stopped the car to see it.  On top, in addition to his name and dates of his birth and death, you get his nickname and the important familial relationships in his life.

Walker (2)

I’m going to assume that the hose, hoe, and rake are representative of an interest in gardening or landscaping, and I think that the phrase under the globe is “world traveler.”  Clearly, dirt and dust are not friendly to this artwork.  And his career – a UPS worker, it appears.

Walker (3)

And on this side, we have hobbies – biking and fishing.  The Ohio State symbol – an alumnus, or just a sports fan?

Walker (4)

And on the front, a nicely artistic integration of yet another interest, photography, with his portrait.

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